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No credit check payday loans

Unexpected circumstances? Are you facing a particular situation in which you need money quickly? You can trust DMO Credit and get a quick loan in under an hour without any credit check! Counteract life’s little problems by getting a loan from $300 to $1000 in minutes. We are here to help you!

Get a payday loan, nothing simpler!

  • Tax reimbursement?
  • In need of new winter tires?

DMO Credit is here!

Our personal loan brokers can get you a loan from $300 to $1000 today. You can use this liquidity and say goodbye to your financial problems. No matter what your situation is, it will be a pleasure to provide you, in the shortest delays possible, the amount needed.

Online loan application process

What we need to know

Our person brokers are going to need to know some information, so we can lend the desired amount. DMO Credit will then make a few verifications without doing any credit check. This is easy, quick and will take only a couple minutes of your time.

Documents and information

  • A recent paystub
  • A complete and recent bank statement
  • A void cheque (PAD also accepted)
  • A valid piece of Canadian ID with a picture
No credit check loans

Get your online payday loan today.

DMO Credit, the solution in quick loans! Efficacy, rapidity and reliability!

Discretion and confidentiality guaranteed!

Your procedure with DMO Credit will remain 100% confidential. No personal information will be divulged. Our personal loan brokers know how to remain discreet, your satisfaction is our priority. At DMO Credit, we make sure to protect our clients’ identity and give them a 100% secure service. Get a loan, in all confidentiality.

To offer a confidential service is our priority

How to get a loan with DMO Credit?

The process

  1. Fill out the online form
  2. Send your documents (via fax or e-mail)
  3. Verification and validation of your information
  4. Approval
  5. Deposit into your bank account!
Online Payday Loans Canada

A company you can trust

DMO Credit has been in the payday loan business for many years. We have helped thousands of people all over Canada to benefit from a simple and quick financial aid, so their credit score can get better. Our team is made of trustworthy professionals that have our clients’ interests at heart. Our company offers accessible solution to get immediate liquidity. Get informed about our different loans available.

DMO Credit’s warrant

Our goal is to help our clients so they can face life’s daily problems. DMO Credit collaborate trustworthy financial institutions (private lenders) who have an excellent reputation in the industry. We work hard daily to offer a high quality customer service to ease the process. Choose a reliable solution to your financial problems.

  • Accessible financial aid
  • Private lenders with permits delivered by the OPC
  • Efficient solution
  • Excellent customer service
Online no credit check Payday Loans Canada


Canada online payday loans

How to reimburse?

You will reimburse your micro-loan by making automatic payments. The lender withdraws the amount of money due from the same bank account your loan we deposited in. The reimbursement is made according to your pay frequency.

A $500 loan will cost you as little as $63.05 weekly, $126.10 bi-weekly or $252.20 monthly. Interest and brokerage fees included. No hidden fees.

Reimbursement period

The reimbursement period will be decided according to the amount given. DMO Credit gives you the opportunity to reimburse the total amount in as little as 12 weeks. But there’s more. You can get a $100 rebate if you pay it off in a month. DMO Credit will take care of re-calculating everything.

Plan your finances and reimburse your loan in a reasonable delay!

  • $100 rebate (off a $500 loan) on the brokerage fees for each reimbursement made within 30 days
  • Possible in 12 weeks
  • Save on interest and reimburse quickly (open loans)

*Certain conditions apply

100% secure!

DMO Credit’s website is totally secure. We use the best web tools and advanced technologies to make sure the confidentiality of our client’s information remains so. DMO Credit distinguishes in the industry thanks to a responsible and secure approach. You can enjoy the peace of mind when you choose a trustworthy company.

We have the solution for your financial problems. Contact us today!