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Your Personal Loan, Instantly Approved & Deposited the Same Day !

Get your online no credit check loan today with DMO Credit

DMO Credit is your solution for fast no credit check payday loans! Quick, secure and reliable! We’re the #1 payday loans company in Canada.

The no credit check payday loan application process at DMO Credit

In 3 simple steps

  1. Complete our online form to request a personal loan
  2. Complete IBV (Instant Bank Verification) validation process.
  3. Receive the requested amount directly in your account.

Our brokers take your information in just a few minutes

Our quick online loan brokers need to know some information so they can grant you the amount you wish to borrow.

No document online personal loans!

As the entire process is done via our online form, you don’t need to provide any supporting documents! In addition, there is no need to visit us to provide evidence: the process allows you to proceed faster. Finally, with electronic signature, you save precious time and you get your personal loan the same day.

If you prefer to send us your required document instead of using instant bank verification, your might need to send us :

  • A recent paystub
  • A complete and recent bank statement
  • A void cheque (PAD also accepted)
  • A valid piece of Canadian ID with a picture
DMO crédit micro prêt rapide Québec

Repayment of Your No Credit Check Loan at DMO Credit

The repayment period depends on the amount of the loan

The repayment period is decided according to the amount given. DMO Credit gives you the opportunity to repay the total amount of your payday loan in as little as 12 weeks.

But there’s more. You can get a $100 rebate if you pay it off in a month. DMO Credit will take care of re-calculating everything.

Repay your no credit check loan within a reasonable period of time!

  • $100 rebate (off a $500 payday loan) on the brokerage fees for each repayment made within 30 days
  • Repayment period of 12 weeks*
  • Save on interest when you repay quickly (open payday loans)

*Certain conditions apply


DMO Credit has specialized in micro-loans for several years. Essentially, our loans are for small, easily accessible amounts to help you deal with unexpected situations. We offer loans for as low as $300 because we understand that a small advance of money on the same day can be very helpful in the face of a financial problem. The accessibility of our micro-loans definitely helps us stand out! We’ve made it easy to access a small cash advance, and our loan solutions are designed to meet your needs.

Please Borrow Responsibly!

Short term loans are a fast and efficient way to fill an urgent and unexpected need for money. However, it is not recommended for long-term use or to meet a continuing need for liquidity. Short term loans are quick, simple and easy to obtain but the interest rate is generally higher than that of a loan from a financial institution.

You must keep in mind that it is better to prioritize the repayment of your debts with the highest interest rates in order to minimize costs. We advise you to borrow responsibly.

DMO Credit: a private lender with a focus on security

DMO Credit’s website is totally secure. We use the most effective web tools and advanced technologies to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal information. DMO Credit stands out in the loan industry thanks to a responsible and secure approach. You can enjoy peace of mind when you choose a trustworthy company for your payday loans.

We have the solution for your financial problems. Contact us today and get your payday loan!