Online Micro-Loans

We have the online micro-loan you need!

The online micro-loans offered by DMO Credit are designed to meet your needs at any time. Thanks to our online form, available 24 hours per day, you can use our 100% online service to secure a loan for $300 to $1,000. The process has also been simplified for Canadians who would like to get a loan for the first time or renew one online. Creating your online account and renewing a loan has never been so easy!

No documents necessary for our online loans!

Since the entire process is completed using our online form, you don’t need to gather your supporting documents. Plus, there’s no need to provide proof in person: the process is completed quickly thanks to our 100% online form. Lastly, since you can also sign the form electronically, you will save time and be able to access your funds quickly.

Technology and speed at your service!

DMO Crédit prêt rapide micro-prêt en ligne
DMO Crédit prêt rapide micro-prêt en ligne

One of the most secure micro-loans

Getting a micro-loan online is now safer than ever. Your personal data is encrypted and our website is secured, so your information is protected at all times. DMO doesn’t have access to your password or your username; we just use an image of your bank statement. Our application process is 100% secure. You can apply with confidence!

All The Steps To Get Your Payday Loan Are Online!


All the benefits of a simplified micro-loan are available at any time. Take advantage of express renewal thanks to our 100% online process. Get approved in just a few minutes!

No documents required

Forget about complicated processes where you have to put together piles of supporting documents! Thanks to an online signature, your request will be processed in record time.


Our process is 100% secure and your personal information is always protected. DMO Credit will keep your information confidential and only use a quick verification process.


DMO Crédit Quick Micro Loans Online
DMO Crédit Quick Micro Loans Online
DMO Crédit Quick Micro Loans Online
DMO Crédit Quick Micro Loans Online
DMO Crédit Quick Micro Loans Online
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