Reimbursement period

  • Repayment can be done over a 12 weeks period. There are no minimum period. You can repay your loan the day after
  • Payments are by pre-authorized debit from your bank account scheduled weekly, biweekly, bimonthly or monthly

Early Repayment

  • Our loans are open loans so you have the option to repay at any time without penalty
  • If you repay your loan within the first month following the deposit date, we will also give you a 100$ discount on the associated costs

Annual Interest Rate (APR)

  • The annual APR is between 28% and 38% depending on the duration of your loan. The maximum APR is 38%
  • For a 500$ loan, the amount of interest will vary between $35 and $40 over a 3 month period

In case of default of payment

  • As written in the contract a 50$ fee will be charged for any payments returned by the bank
  • If more than a quarter of the payments are returned by the bank, the debt could be transferred a collection agency
  • We suggest that you call us as soon as you notice that a payment was returned by the bank

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